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  • Benito Juarez. Entry between Avenida 5 Nte. and Avenida 10 Nte., Playa Del Carmen, Q. Roo, Mexico, 77720
  • 01 984 879 3954

Hours of Operation
: Monday - Sunday: 9 am - 9 pm

Payments Accepted
: Cash, Credit

In Kodak you can develop photographs. They also sell different kinds of cameras, including digital and waterproof. Everyday they have a 20% off in digital cameras.

December 8, 2017

Word of Warning about the employees at This Kodak, on Benito Juarez, in Playa del Carmen, Mx. The WORST is Teresa, who is unwilling to accommodate requests for help and LIES as a way to keep from having to assist Customers! On Nov 24,2017-We gave employee Sergio 2VHS videos- to be Converted to DVDdiscs. He said they’d be ready for ‘pic-up’ in 5days and we could pick them up at 9am and mentioned HE wouldn’t be there but Teresa would be and could help us. But 8DAYS later whn we returned at 10:30am, the store wasn’t open! Then when we returned later, Teresa WAS there and said our new converted discs and our original Videos had still NOT been delivered! We asked from Where were they being delivered from?, she said Cancun. She then told us she’d call the facility in ‘Cancun’ to find out WHEN they WOULD be delivering, and hung up and said they told her ‘in 2 days’. So 2 days later whn we returned (now our 3rd visit) to the store, they did have our orig 2VHS and 2new discs. We asked her if she could ‘play’ them, (to show us they worked),on the Laptop she had on the counter, in front of the cash register, and told us ‘No, it cant be done’, so we left cuz we were confused as to what she meant. Once we got home, of course, neither of the 2 ‘converted discs’ could be ‘played’ on either of the 3 computer/note book/laptops that we had! So now we had to Go Back to Teresa the very nxt day. We told her the Discs couldnt be played – and in an irritated manner, she inserted both Discs into the very same Laptop-just the day b4 she said ‘it couldnt be done’, and supprize! They Both played! We asked her WHAT format/program she used? and she pointed to the VLC app on the screen, with No explanation WHY her Laptop could suddenly Now play our discs? So we left Teresa to go find a computer repair shop, to verify, if it was a problem with all 3 of our devices?, or it was the ‘program’ used in the conversion?! Well,even tho the computer tech Installed the same VLC format/program Teresa had-on all 3 of our devices, he STILL could Not get the new discs to play on any of our devices OR HIS 3computers either!! So a cpl days later we go BACK to Teresa (our 5th visit to her) to ask her for the phone number and address of their facility in Cancun-where she said the discs were delivered from, so WE could GO there (a 45 min drive!),, to have THEM show us How we could ‘play’ the discs pn OUR devices), and NOW she says ‘theres NO phn num OR place in Cancun! She says that ‘THEY’ do the disc conversions THERE and to bring them BACK to her so ‘they’ can ‘check’ them”. WTF? Right! Thats exactly what we’re NOT gonna do, No Way!

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